Landis Cyclery Bike Maintenance Class – August 2017

I have to start with a shout out to Mel for this class. She attended a previous LUL workshop and reached out to me to see if she could host her own. This is one of my favorite ways to add new workshops, Level Up Ladies teaching Level Up Ladies!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t to sure what the class would be about because, well, I don’t know anything about bikes.  I mean, I go on rides with my kids around that block and that’s about it. But Mel did such an amazing job that she made me want to keep going and learn more about cycling as sport.

Mel went over the parts of a bike, basic maintenance and then we all got to get up and change a bike tire! I am not sure if you have ever tried to do that before but it can be intimidating and difficult if you are not experienced.  Landis Cyclery went above and beyond, we received information on bike trails in the area and got some cool swag.

I know many of us will be going there for our bike needs, even if it is for a beach cruiser 🙂


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