Welcome, Level Up Ladies

I have a flame a bright spark in me… I to want to go out there and learn about and do everything my heart desires! I am a woman who loves football, is rebuilding my own 1951 Chevy pick-up, and is quite the outdoorswoman!

Over the years I have met women who like me who are passionate and skilled in things that don’t fit the “norm͟” for what a woman does. Women who are gear heads (really into cars), women who love  woodwork, women who are kick ass stock investors and many many more… and it got me thinking, what sets us apart? For one, we want to learn those things and enjoy them AND we have been given the  opportunity to learn them.

So with all that said…

I am now happy to introduce you to Level Up Ladies, a no pressure, non-intimidating environment where women like you and me can learn a new skill from a pro! Skills like, building an awesome  campfire, changing a tire, repairing a hold in a wall, how to use power tools, woodworking, fixing a bike  and more! Oh, and after each lesson we will socialize (maybe with a glass of wine, or two) and discuss  our new skill !

I am super excited to get this started and want to know what new skills YOU would like to learn?

Also, if you are a pro who would like to teach one of our monthly Level Up Ladies meetings shoot me an

I am currently planning for 2017 in Arizona but if you would like to host the monthly Level Up Ladies meetings in your area, give me a shout and we see what we can work out.

Much Love,




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